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Social Media Content/Advertising ~ 2020-2021

Creative Aid is a company that was developed during the COVID pandemic by Fernando Del Rosario in order to help small businesses and nonprofits with their branding or social media presence. The pandemic hit many businesses very hard and this team of junior designers and professionals came together to help them out. Kelsey was an intern for his company and worked on a creative team, designing any content that clients needed to boost their business during these challenging times.


Kelsey worked with a variety of different clients. Cheers Mate was a startup company appealing to young adults and getting them to download their app. Their app allows you to connect with others, find bars near you, and have tasting experiences. Bold Girls was an apparel company who appealed to teenagers and generation Z females. They push for female empowerment, being yourself, expressive, and bold. Uniforms for Hope was a charity company raising money to send children to school in areas of poverty. They had a serious tone to their branding, and wanted to get more donations with these social media posts to fund any expenses that the children needed. Lastly, Nohemi was a small artist who needed posts to promote her upcoming show at a local art gallery. Her work features butterfly specimens and dried flowers arranged in delicate compositions.

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Up in Lights


Sana's Indian Cuisine


Bold Girlz


Cheers Mate


Uniforms for Hope


We the Project


Mary's Kitchen


Nohemi Ramos Santoyo

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